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Charter school holds career day with Black professionals in various fields

February 28, 2024

Brooklyn Lab Charter School gave students the chance to learn how to achieve their goals with their second-ever "Success Looks Like Me" career day.

Kids had a chance to jump from room to room and hear from someone in various fields like fashion, science, or entertainment law. Brooklyn Lab Charter School serves a majority of Black students, so staff brought in Black professionals to share their insights.

"Everything that kids can be is not always available to them in their family or their community,” said Brooklyn Lab Charter School CEO Garland Thomas-Mcdavid.

“A day like today allows them to walk away with the idea that I can be that lawyer, I can be that doctor, or maybe, I didn't even think about being that judge but here's how you do it.”

The charter school serves students from sixth to 12th grade.


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