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Discovering Extracurricular Clubs At Brooklyn LAB: Opportunities & Benefits

Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School (Brooklyn LAB) offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities and clubs for its scholars to engage in. Such activities can be broken down into four main categories: athletic clubs, academic and career-focused clubs, creative and cultural exploration clubs, and social responsibility and leadership clubs.

This article will explore the opportunities and benefits that these clubs provide for the students of Brooklyn LAB. In the following paragraphs, the various extracurriculars and clubs available at Brooklyn LAB will be discussed. Along with this, the potential opportunities and benefits that students can gain from engaging in such activities will also be explored.

Brooklyn Lab Charter School

Our passion for creating a bright future for our students fuels our drive.


Brooklyn LAB was established in 2013 by co-founders Erin Mote and Eric Tucker, with a mission to close the achievement gap by equipping students with the academic knowledge, digital literacy, and leadership abilities necessary for college and professional success.

Brooklyn LAB is committed to supporting all students, irrespective of their academic capabilities, English language proficiency, or disabilities.

Brooklyn LAB's Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School and Edmund W. Gordon Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School (EWG) are authorized by the New York State Education Department.

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At Brooklyn LAB Middle School, we cultivate a college-ready environment that combines academic excellence with social-emotional growth. We equip every scholar with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities of high school and college, encompassing collaborative research projects and preparing for our high school's Advanced Placement program.

Our Brooklyn LAB scholars demonstrate their understanding daily, while our dedicated teachers closely monitor each student's progress. By building strong personal relationships with their students, teachers establish a stable foundation, gain valuable insights into how to best serve their scholars' needs, and ensure that every scholar feels acknowledged and valued.

To further support our scholars' success, each student at Brooklyn LAB is assigned a personal success coach who upholds high expectations and utilizes strength-based and culturally relevant strategies to provide guidance and encouragement.

Learn More About Our High School In Brooklyn

At LAB High School, we equip students with the necessary abilities and expertise to excel in their academic and professional lives, ensuring a future filled with possibilities and options. Students acquire profound subject knowledge and crucial academic competencies, including research, logical thinking, argumentation, data analysis, evidence usage, and effective communication.

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Athletic Clubs at Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School

At Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School, a wide variety of extracurricular sports and clubs provide students with ample opportunities for both physical and mental development.

During the Fall and Winter, students can participate in sports such as cheerleading, dance, step, e-sport gaming, junior varsity basketball, and varsity basketball.

During the Spring, students may participate in sports such as varsity basketball, volleyball (girls), track, baseball (boys), and flag football (boys).

These sports provide students with the opportunity to develop physical skills, practice teamwork, and benefit from daily physical activity.

Additionally, participating in competitive sports helps students develop important mental skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and self-discipline.

Fall and Winter Sports Opportunities

Brooklyn LAB provides a variety of Fall and Winter sports opportunities, including cheerleading, dance, step, E-sport gaming, junior varsity basketball, and varsity basketball, to encourage scholars to develop physical, mental, and social skills beyond the classroom.

Through participation in these activities, students can gain the opportunity to build teamwork and leadership skills, as well as understand the importance of maintaining physical fitness.

Cheerleading and dance are excellent ways to show school spirit and develop collaboration skills, while step can be a great way to build physical strength and balance.

E-sport gaming provides an opportunity to improve problem-solving skills and strategic planning.

Basketball offers an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the sport, as well as the importance of following team rules and working together as a unit.

All of these activities are great ways to build confidence and self-esteem, while also providing an outlet for creativity and expression.

Spring Sports for Fitness and Teamwork

Spring 2023 at Brooklyn LAB offers students a variety of sports options to promote physical fitness and teamwork, including varsity basketball, volleyball (girls), track, baseball (boys), and flag football (boys). These activities provide students with an outlet for physical exercise, while also helping to build their strength, endurance, and confidence.

Additionally, the team environment of sports encourages students to develop cooperation and communication skills, as well as a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship. In particular, the offerings of varsity basketball, volleyball (girls), and flag football (boys) offer students a chance to hone their physical and mental abilities while competing in an organized, team-oriented environment.

Meanwhile, track and baseball (boys) provide students with the opportunity to improve their physical fitness while learning the fundamentals of the game. Each of these sports helps students to learn the importance of dedication, hard work, and teamwork - skills that they can carry with them throughout their lives.

In summary, the spring sports offerings at Brooklyn LAB provide students with the chance to develop physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship skills while having fun and competing in an organized environment.

Developing Physical and Mental Skills through Competitive Sports

Competitive sports at Brooklyn LAB provide students with the chance to develop both physical and mental skills through engaging in organized, team-oriented activities.

Physical skills such as strength, agility, and endurance are developed through regular practice and competition. On the other hand, mental skills such as communication, collaboration, resilience, and discipline are also sharpened through the sports activities.

Through team sports, students are able to gain a better understanding of the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership. Competitive sports also provide a platform for students to express themselves, make friends, and have fun.

By playing together, students are able to bond and form strong relationships with their teammates. Furthermore, competitive sports provide a great opportunity for students to challenge and push themselves to their limits, as they strive to be the best at what they do.

Ultimately, competitive sports can help students develop physical and mental skills that will be beneficial throughout their lives.

extracurricular clubs 1

Academic and Career-focused Clubs

Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School offers a variety of clubs to provide students with the opportunity to explore their interests and passions.

Among these clubs are Girl Code, Pre-Med Club, and Debate Club, all of which serve to empower students in different ways.

Girl Code works to empower girls in the field of technology.

Pre-Med Club allows students to explore careers in medicine.

Debate Club helps students to sharpen their critical thinking and public speaking skills.

Through these clubs, Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School is providing students with the tools to explore and succeed.

Girl Code: Empowering Women in Technology

Girl Code provides an opportunity for female students to engage in technology-based activities that promote empowerment. The club allows girls to explore the world of coding and technology, while having fun and learning valuable skills from peers. At Brooklyn LAB, Girl Code is available to female students in grades 6-12. Through the club, girls can develop their coding skills, enhance their problem-solving abilities, and gain confidence in the technology field.

Girl Code encourages girls to become proficient in coding and also provides mentorship from experienced professionals in the field. The club also offers workshops, events, and activities that provide girls with the opportunity to learn from experts in the industry. Additionally, Girl Code encourages girls to explore new technologies and create their own projects, which can be shared with the community.

Pre-Med Club: Exploring Careers in Medicine

Girl Code works to empower women in technology, but there are many other extracurricular clubs at Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School that offer students the opportunity to explore a range of avenues.

One of these clubs is the Pre-Med Club, which is dedicated to helping students learn about pursuing a career in medicine. The Pre-Med Club provides students with access to a variety of resources, including career exploration activities, lectures from medical school faculty, and field trips to local medical facilities. Members of the club also gain access to mentorship opportunities, networking events, and the chance to shadow and volunteer for medical professionals.

The benefits of joining the Pre-Med Club are numerous. Members can gain insight into the field of medicine, learn about the application process, and make connections with professionals in the field. Additionally, members can develop their research and communication skills, as well as build their resume with real-world experience. Finally, the Pre-Med Club provides an opportunity for members to explore their potential career options and build a professional network.

Members of the Pre-Med Club can gain:

  • Insight into the field of medicine

  • Knowledge of the application process

  • Connections with medical professionals

  • Developed research and communication skills

  • Real-world experience

  • Opportunities to explore potential career options

  • A professional network

Debate Club: Enhancing Critical Thinking and Public Speaking Skills

Debate Club provides students with an opportunity to hone their critical thinking and public speaking skills. Through the club, scholars will have the chance to develop their understanding of current topics, learn how to form and express their opinions in an effective manner, and gain confidence in defending their point of view.

As debates are conducted in a safe and supportive environment, members will feel more comfortable in expressing their views and engaging in meaningful conversations.

In addition to developing their debating skills, members of Debate Club will also be able to collaborate with their peers and learn how to work together. As they prepare for debates, they will also be able to learn how to support each other and respect different opinions.

The club will also provide students with the opportunity to practice their problem-solving skills, as they will be required to think of arguments and find solutions to complex issues.

Ultimately, members of Debate Club will gain the confidence and skills needed to become successful debaters and critical thinkers.

Creative and Cultural Exploration Clubs

Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School offers a range of clubs that provide students with the opportunity to explore creativity and culture.

The Art Production Club provides students with a space to develop their artistic talents.

The International Club encourages students to learn about and celebrate diversity and cultural experiences from around the world.

The LGBQTIA+ Pride Club works to foster inclusivity and allyship among its members.

These clubs are essential for student growth and development, and provide a foundation for students to become engaged citizens in the global community.

Art Production Club: Nurturing Creativity and Talent

The Art Production Club at Brooklyn LAB Charter School offers a creative outlet for students to explore their talents and develop their skills in the visual arts. Students enrolled in the club benefit from a variety of activities, such as instruction in painting, drawing, sculpture, and other forms of art production. The club provides guidance to students in developing their artistic abilities and provides an opportunity to express themselves through the visual arts.

The Art Production Club at Brooklyn LAB Charter School also offers a platform for students to showcase their work and interact with other creatives in the community. The club provides students with the opportunity to attend art exhibitions, participate in competitions, and collaborate with professional artists. With access to a variety of resources, students can further their understanding of the visual arts and gain insight into the creative process.

The Art Production Club provides a unique opportunity for students to explore their creativity, develop their skills, and collaborate with other artists.

International Club: Celebrating Diversity and Cultural Experiences

The International Club at Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School provides students with an exceptional opportunity to celebrate diversity and gain a deeper understanding of various cultures.

Through the club, students develop a global perspective and learn to appreciate different perspectives and experiences.

The club offers a variety of activities that are designed to promote cultural awareness and foster meaningful interactions between members of different cultures.

These activities include field trips to various cultural sites, traditional music and dance performances, and cultural exchange programs with students from other countries.

The club also offers lectures and workshops on global issues, as well as opportunities to discuss current world events.

These activities allow students to gain a greater understanding of global politics, economics, and history.

Additionally, the club provides an environment for students to build relationships with peers from different cultural backgrounds.

By participating in the International Club, students gain valuable knowledge and a greater appreciation for cultural diversity.

LGBQTIA+ Pride Club: Encouraging Inclusivity and Allyship

LGBQTIA+ Pride Club encourages inclusivity and allyship by providing an affirming and safe space for students to explore and express their sexuality and gender identity.

This club provides an avenue for students to meet and engage with peers that identify with similar gender and sexual orientations. Through this club, students can learn about the history and culture of the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as create a sense of solidarity and support. Furthermore, students can also gain access to resources and information that may be beneficial to their personal development.

The LGBQTIA+ Pride Club also serves as a platform to promote awareness and understanding of queer issues. Through this club, students can participate in activities to spread messages to the larger school community about the importance of acceptance and respect for all sexual orientations and gender identities.

This club also provides a safe space for students to discuss and celebrate the diversity of gender and sexuality in our society. Furthermore, this club is an opportunity for students to participate in meaningful conversations about the challenges and opportunities of living with an LGBTQIA+ identity.

Social Responsibility and Leadership Extracurricular Clubs

The social responsibility and leadership clubs at Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School promote important skills and values among their students.

Man-Up Monday Club encourages positive male role models and mentors, while Disney Scholars/Community Service Club provides opportunities for students to engage in meaningful volunteerism.

Finally, the Jedi Academy Club cultivates leadership and skills necessary for success.

Through such clubs, Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School students are able to hone their skills and develop meaningful connections with their peers and the larger community.

extracurricular clubs 2

Man-Up Monday Club: Promoting Positive Male Role Models and Mentoring

Man-Up Monday Club creates an important platform for positive male role models to provide mentorship and guidance to Brooklyn LAB's scholars.

The club focuses on developing social skills, leadership, and communication skills in young men, in order to empower them to become positive, contributing members of their community.

The club also provides a safe and supportive environment where Brooklyn LAB scholars can openly discuss issues around masculinity, and learn to be confident and respectful in their interactions with others.

In addition, the club encourages scholars to engage in service projects and community engagement, and to take on leadership roles within the school.

Through various activities organized by the club, Brooklyn LAB scholars can gain confidence, build relationships with peers, and develop their skills in order to become successful in their academic and social lives.

Man-Up Monday Club provides an invaluable opportunity for Brooklyn LAB scholars to cultivate positive male role models and mentors in their lives.

Disney Scholars/Community Service Club: Serving Others through Volunteerism

Disney Scholars/Community Service Club fosters a culture of volunteerism among Brooklyn LAB's scholars, inspiring them to serve their communities and others through meaningful projects and activities. Through this club, students have the opportunity to explore the importance of working together for the greater good.

The Disney Scholars/Community Service Club promotes the value of giving back to their communities by organizing and leading various volunteer projects throughout the year. These projects range from participating in food drives and donating clothing to local charities, to helping clean parks and planting trees.

Students involved in the Disney Scholars/Community Service Club learn the importance of selflessness and leadership. Through this club, students are able to develop their communication, problem-solving, and organizational skills while helping others and building a strong sense of community. The club also provides a platform for students to work together, share ideas, and collaborate on projects.

In addition, members of the club gain a sense of accomplishment and responsibility as they work together to make a positive impact on their communities.

Jedi Academy Club: Cultivating Leadership and Skills for Success

Jedi Academy Club provides an environment for students to develop skills in leadership and strategic problem-solving. The club fosters a space for students to practice and gain knowledge of the Jedi ways, such as communication, patience, and empathy.

Through the Jedi Academy, students can learn how to apply these skills in their everyday lives by exploring the philosophies of the Jedi Order. Additionally, students can benefit from the opportunities to hone their creativity and problem-solving skills when they create their own lightsaber and create their own stories.

Furthermore, the club offers a great opportunity for students to work together, hone their team-building skills and even develop friendships. Through the Jedi Academy, students can grow their self-confidence and become more prepared for future challenges.


Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School offers a wide range of extracurriculars and clubs, allowing scholars to explore and develop in a variety of areas.

These clubs provide a platform for students to gain knowledge and skills in athletics, academics, creativity and culture, and social responsibility.

Through participation in these activities, students are exposed to different perspectives and experiences, and have the opportunity to develop relationships and create meaningful memories.

The clubs and extracurriculars provided by Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School play an essential role in the holistic education and development of its students.


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